Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are you Ready for some football??!!!

Football is here!!!

Football is here!!!
Football is here!!!!!

All year long, my husband has been moping around, waiting, wondering is football going to happen this year?
It is a way of life for him and well it becomes a way of life for us too---thank goodness I don't mind.

I love to decorate the fireplace for the holidays!!!
Since we have months (waaaa waaa waaa) before the holiday season officially kicks off, I am decorating the fireplace for football!!!

We have a true house divided situation----I am a Redskins fan and he is a Patriots fan!!!
I have been buying stuff for his team first since his birthday is around the corner. Here is what I have so far:
This is a SUPER cool mosaic that I purchased from a local artist. I don't have any contact info for her but she does fabulous work. I even bought one for of my college mascot!!

Every football family needs a mood doll!!!
This super cute mood doll is only about 7" tall but sends a very definitive message about how he feels after a game lol.
It has 4 discs with different expressions on each. I bought this on Etsy here!

I found this great magazine cover on ebay some time ago and had it framed. I havent figured out how I am going to put it on the mantle yet but It will find a home there!!!

OMG!!! I totally LOVE this!! I custom ordered this from Simply Sugar Designs and she did a FABULOUS job. The color doesnt show too well in this picture but it is Patriots blue. She hand painted this beauty. It was supposed to be for hubby's birthday but I loved it so much that I could not wait to give it to him.

We are going to Boston on Thursday so I plan on picking up some additional gear there. I will be working on the fireplace display over the next few days and will post the finished look!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shelicious Bling

I began selling my crafts at craft shows in May 2010. I have met some great people at these events and I have decided that it is time to feature some of them on my blog. Each of the individuals I meet have great stuff and are hard working folks just like me. Today I am featuring Shelicious Bling. They are fabulous ladies and I hope you enjoy learning a little about them and then head on over to their website to find some great buys.
Shelicious Bling!
Shelicious Bling is the home of fun, fashionable jewelry frosting for less cha-ching! These ladies have some fabulous, one-of-a-kind finds that are sure to compliment your style. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with these ladies at craft shows and I am happy to share this great find with you.

SB was founded in March 2009 by two friends that realized they shared the same passion for fun, fashionable & affordable jewelry. They provide customers like you the “frosting” to compliment your outfit. The jewelry designs are versatile for women of all ages and each piece is created to add just the right amount of “flash” to any outfit whether you are at work or out on the town.

They provide you with a unique product at a very affordable price. You will find all sorts of items including Bottlecap & Scrapbook Tile jewelry, Domino pendants, Charm bracelets, Funky Fashionable bracelets & necklaces, Earrings, Chunky Jewelry, and of course Bling!Bling! There are so many fabulous items and the prices are AMAZING!!

They also accept orders for custom jewelry!!! If you are looking for jewelry for bridal parties to coordinating team jewelry and pieces for that special outfit Shelicious Bling today! You may contact Sheila or Anna, and be sure to let them know you saw them featured on this site.

They also do home parties and special event parties so definitely head on over to their website and browse their great deals. You can also find a calendar of all the events they will be featured at.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedding decorations on a budget

One of my bestest friends in the whole world is getting married!!!!
I am so shocked happy for her!! hehehehe
I NEVER thought she would ever get married!!!!

She did not want to have a big extravagant wedding. She asked ME to make the table decoratios for her on the cheapest budget I could possibly do it and still keep it somewhat nice.

I headed to dollar tree and bought some cute square candle vases, added a monogram and ribbon and here is what I have so far:
Aren't these the cutest!!!

I bought 16 of them, cut the monograms myself, and used 1 spool of ribbon.
Total cost for them so far $17.00!!!!

I added their names to the opposite side, put some white rocks on the bottom and a pink candle that I found at Ikea. I will finish them off with some white flowers around the candle. Very simple and I think they look great.

I stuck with the monogram theme and put the same mono on white pillars. Her colors are teal and pink so I just used those colors on the candles. I added the black ribbon because it looked way too unfinished. I think she will love them. These will go on the center of the table with 6 votives surrounding them and the squares will go on each end of the table. I will post pics of the finished table after this weekend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Craft Room Redo

WOW!! What a weekend this has been!!!
After posting all that I wish, dream and want for my craft space, I decided it was time to make some of it reality!!!

Off to Home Depot we went....on the ride over, the first thing hubby says "no orange and no yellow"
did he read my posts on facebook or here?
Well, I wasn't giving up that easy lol!!

We picked the paint---finally---and home I go to start some prepping!!

I forgot to take a pic of the "true" before so this is the sort of before. the layout was pretty much what you see here with one exception---the table actually faced the wall. I turned it to see if I would like how it looked. The piles are what I moved out of the way so I could get ready for painting hehehe.
When I was standing back looking at this mess---i thought first "i have too much crap" and second "what have I started?" lol

I cleared the area and started painting---read for the color hehehehe
Citrus Punch---a combination of Orange and Yellow!! heheheheheheehe
This picture doesnt do enough justice for the color!!
Hours later and after two full coats it was time for a break!

Off to Goodwill, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and the grocery store lol. I wanted to find a new lamp base and paint storage solution.

I found a simple lamp shade, a spice rack, sheer pink curtains, and a memo board.
Here is what I did to the spice rack:
After priming and painting, I hung it on the wall and organized my paints. This bad boy holds 66 bottles of 2 oz paint!!!

Time to put things back into place:

I ended up making a craft corner. I love it!! It is not the glamour fabulous that was in the inspiration rooms but considering I spent almost no money---it is super fabulous for me.

My computer desk is in perfect proximity to the craft area. I have a few more projects to do before it is completely finished but this is what I have done so far!!

Let's Break it Down:
Paint (citrus punch)---$26.22
Lamp base----$5.99
Lamp Shade----$2.99
Memo board----$1.99
Spice Rack----$3.99
Spray paint (watermelon)----$3.22
Primer----$free already had
Sheer Curtains---returned they were not right for my room lol

My budget is $150 bucks so I still have plenty to spend to make this space a little more functional. I am really loving this space. I still need to buy a curtain for the closet, a new trash can that is more stylish, need to redo the lamp base and get rid of that copper, and I am not liking what I did with the lamp shade so probably going to change that too. I am glad I tackled this space this weekend and I feel so much better working in this room!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dreaming a little dream about my crafty space

I love reading blogs and one of my favorites is Brittany over at Love Stitched is having a linky party about what you Wish you could have, Want to have, and Dream about having. 

I have been wishing for a new craft space for months. I have a great space that is all mine but it is sooooooooooo messy and disorganized.
Creativity is messy and I am VERY creative but enough is enough!!!

I found this aweome design idea for a craft room over at a Whole Lotta Lovely
Isn't this FABULOUS?!!
I love everything Ikea and this whole room was done on an Ikea budget!! I wish I would have bought those legs on that table!!! They are awesome! This room is totally staged and not actually used but it would be so incredibly cool to have!!!

Thou shalt not covet one's craft room---but I sure do!!! Paisley Passion has it going on and you can read about her transformation here!
This is a REAL room!!! She is sooooooooooo Lucky!!! I love how she made the window seat with storage underneath it and I want this in my space!!! I have a window about this same length and could easily do something like this!!!

OMG!! bold, bold, and more bold!!
The use of color here is AMAZING!!! I can only dream of being so bold!! I just told hubby today that I wanted to paint my space orange and he did not like that idea too much. I guess we shall see!!

I am sitting here at my desk now with mounds stacks of neat piles waiting to have a new home. I am redoing this room darnit and I will do it CHEAPLY!!! I dont want to spend more than $150 and I want to use everything that is already existing in the room. I have high hopes  know....stay tuned.