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About Me

Hello and welcome to DIY Done Dirt Cheap. My name is Andrea Hall and I am the founder of DIY Done Dirt Cheap. I just started blogging a little over a year ago and I am still a greenhorn for sure but I am loving everything about blogging. I have two other blogs: and As Unique As U is home to all of my crafts and vinyl ideas. ChocoGreetings is home to my candy wrapper business but sadly I have neglected that site quite a bit.

I have 3 great kids!

I enjoy crafting, scrapbooking, writing, going to local festivals, wine tasting, volunteering at my children's schools, helping others, and spending time with the family. I also love taking pictures and I am learning how to become a better photographer. I enjoy learning new things both in my personal and professional life.
My family is my life!

I hope you enjoy the information that you find on my blog. I maintain an etsy shop at