Monday, April 11, 2011

Ladder Display Shelf time FLYS!
I have neglected my blog for a few weeks due to a sad family situation.
All is getting back to normal now and my opening day is this friday so we had to get cracking!!

I decided to open a booth at a local gift shop called Gift of the Water in the Chupa Rosa Building in Georgetown.
I am soooooooooo EXCITED!

This shop is so fun and creative.
I just knew that I needed a unique display that will stand out in the crowd!

Time to put hubbys handy hands to work!!!
 I found this old wooden ladder on CraigsList. The guy wanted $40 bucks but that was my total budget for the project so I bargained him down to $30!!!

We headed to Home Depot and picked up wide and narrow fence boards.
Yep....fence boards.
 Hubby cut them 5', 4.5', 4', and 3.5' so that the shelves would make a trinagle shape.
Once he cut all of the boards, he got to work installing the anchors parallel to the steps.
Here he is....hard at work...he says "no pictures please"
hehehehehe, too bad I have the camera!
the shutter looking thing behind him is also part of my display. It is what I will hang my signs on.

Once the anchors were set, he put the shelves together. He had to put wood pieces on the bottom of the shelves to secure them together. Then we put them in place!

I have since painted the entire thing antique white. I will post an updated pic of it as soon as I clear the shelves and prep it for set up.

The fence boards were actually $1.17 each and I needed 12 of them so I went a little over budget....sad....but the shelf turned out GREAT!

Here it is:
I didnt put the shelves on right so they look a little crooked but I assure you they are not.
The shutters will be behind it like shown

Let's Break it down:
Wooden Ladder.........$30.00
Fence boards..........$14.04
Nails and 1x1 board......Free (already had)
Paint..........Free (already had)
Total Cost.......$44.04

It was more than I wanted to spend but my alternative was Ikea shelves and I think these are much better than any Ikea shelf. I love when hubby helps me with these projects.