Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cabinet door Repurposed to Wall Art!!

Hubby and I attended the famous Wimberley Market Days in Wimberley, TX.
After hours of shopping and scanning the marketplace for cool to repurpose items, I found this beauty!
I knew I HAD to have it.
Hubby with his infinite wisdom says
"what on earth do we need a cabinet door for? It doesnt even fit on our cabinets or match the color."
Oh how I wish he could see my vision!!!
So, I created super fabulous DIY art for our wall!

And...with these easy instructions, now you can too in six simple steps!!

What you'll need
- Cabinet door any shape, color, or size
- Spray primer (preferred for those nooks and crannys)
- Base paint color
- Black acrylic paint
- Elmers glue
- Gloves
- Damp cloth
Step 1
Lightly sand the door and give it a nice coat of spray primer. We used Kilz but you can use any brand you like.
Step 2
Paint your base color. I used vintage white.

Step 3
Glaze the surface.
I went to home depot to buy some glaze and I was SHOCKED to find that a quart was $16!!!
There was no way I was paying that much for glaze.
It was experiment time and I found a solution that worked.
I mixed black acrylic paint with school glue and smeared it on. I wiped it off immediately!
Use a damp cloth to wipe the "glaze" off and rub gently. Some of the paint will wipe away exposing your primer underneath. It looks fabulous!!
I did not use gloves...big MISTAKE!!! So, make sure you do!!
This stuff was so messy lol!! It got in my hair, on my face, my hands were black, and I got it on my shirt too!!

Step 4
Choose your quote.
Now it helps to have a vinyl cutter on hand, but if you do not there are great resources on the web. I make my own. You can email me and I will be glad to supply you with your vinyl needs.

Step 5
Apply your decal.

My quote choice:
Live well, Laugh often, and Love much!
 here is a close up of the weathered look
This quote sums up our life so well!!!

Step 6
Spray sealer across the top surface, let dry, then enjoy the beauty!!

Let's break down the cost for this project:
Cabinet door.....$5.00
Primer....Free (left over from another project)
Paint.....Free (already had)
Glaze....Free (already had supplies)
Total Cost....$5.00

I love how it looks and I am so happy with my quote choice, but the best part was when hubby saw it and said
"wow is that the door we bought in Wimberley?"