Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stick Family Frame

I have been AWOL again. You just never realize how MUCH family life CONSUMES you until poof a month has gone by and NO post!
My son plays select baseball and the little princess plays soccer.
We have been sooooo busy with that!!
I also started selling my wood signs and tiles in a local boutique and keeping up with inventory has been a bit difficult...but fun!

Easter weekend was my niece's last weekend at home.
Military life has taken her to good 'ol Colorado.
Stephanie is a "Modern Mom"  and she wanted a cute and fun key holder.
I was at my sister's house AND she crafts too...yeah!!
we scoured her supplies and got to work.

I wish I had the before of the picture but it was UGLY! so no before :(
We painted the frame black and ironed the wrinkles out of the tissue paper.

We also took apart a bow that she had and replaced the animal print with pink.
I created the stick family with some cool software my sister has then cut the decal on her vinyl cutter.
I had to paint the backing of the frame white because the tissue was slightly transparent.
We simply glued it to the board, then I attached the decal to the glass.
After putting the frame back together, we glued on the ribbon and added the hooks.
My niece LOVED it!
Ha Ha--it wasn't the best picture taking moment as you can see.
We were late for our own egg hunt lol and had to hurry and get the pic taken.