Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Recapping 2012 and planning for 2013!

Wow! I cant believe we are already in 2013!!
How did this year get away from me so fast?!! I had so many goals for 2012 with this little blog but there just wasnt enough time in the year to make it all happen. I made a list of 9 goals and committments for 2012 and while I scored big on most, I also failed miserably on a few others.
I had planned on going through a whole list of recap but then this would make for a super wordy post so instead here is what I accomplished in 2012:
I paid more attention to family and put the phone down a lot more often! I had far less "what did you just say" moments because I actually detached from the phone to listen!
I learned new camera skills, took better care of my car, had more date nights with hubby--and they were fabulous---I kept my work area much neater, and accomplished a lot with my sign business As Unique As U!
I failed to lose 15lbs, didnt quite use that calendar the way I wanted to, and I did not make the one post a month I had committed to doing.
2012 was a great year and I just didnt have the time I would have liked to do everything I wanted. I created this blog because I love to make things and show others how they can make it too, but on a budget. It takes a lot of time to create a single post and the only way I can truly make it happen is to plan it into my day.
with that said, here is my 2013 plan:

1. Make time for me!!
I am always so busy doing for everyone else that I dont ever make time for me and what I love. Crafting is something I love! This year I am making the effort to be creative and make the things that I love to make and want to have in my house!!

2. Blog about it!
I am a bonafide pinaholic!! I pin, pin, pin away but rarely make anything that I pin. There is so much cuteness out there that I want and must have but I dont want to spend a fortune to get it. I will choose a list of my favorite pinterest finds and I will recreate them. I will document the process so I can share with you my trials and tribulations during the process. AND I have already started the year off right with Nail String Art. I made one and it is fabulous!
It will be my featured post next week with all of the how to's that go along with it. Also to come:
1. Mugs with sharpie art
2. Very cool love sign
3. Chalkboard menu board
4. small bench made with 2x4s
5. Valentine card box
and more!!!

3. Reduce my blood AIC down to 6.0. I learned I was diabetic several years ago. I was able to get my A1C under control really quickly but have since gotten lazy and it lapsed to a 7.1. I need it to be a 5 or better but this year my goal is simply to get it to a 6 and get back on the right track. I have several plans in motion to make this happen and I will chronicle my journey and share it on here in a future post about DIY exercise. I am old schooling it and I will give you the details on how after I see how I do lol.
4. keep growing that little business of mine.
I am keeping my list short and manageable because tomorrow I start a new job in corporate america managing a mulit-million dollar manufacturing facility in the high tech industry. It is an exciting opportunity for me and it will take a lot of my time. Balancing everything will be my biggest obstacle but I will do it!!!
I hope you have a very prosperous new year and I look forward to showing you my pinterest successes and hopefully no failures---but lets face it they do happen!!

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